As a consulting company, we are dedicated to the UN Sustainability Issues and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our mission is “Learning to learn for a sustainable future”.  We are focused on climate change and environmental policy. We apply and promote SDGs in line with our projects. As a micro-company, we use the following UN Sustainable issues.

 We practice regular recycling of plastic, glass, paper and organic waste, and in line with the legislation of EU. 

 Our policy is to reduce the use of paper in the offices and work to achieve a 100 % paperless office.

 We have a modest and straightforward corporate environmental policy that is a summary of critical issues which are core for us, being a micro-enterprise.

We run our Own Corporate Social Responsibility Project TWO ALPS GIRLS, focused on presenting the beauty and nature of the Italian Alps through photos and videos while also raising awareness on how to be sustainable in the outdoors.  

We communicate our Corporate Environmental Policy to our partners, suppliers, and we practice it in our daily operations. 

 We bring years of experience and knowledge of the social and human rights that we incorporate in tasks and projects that we are engaged. EDUCON has particularly long-standing expertise in the social sector, and we care and integrate the work of young people, as they are vulnerable category in Italy and Macedonia. 

 We integrate the idea that businesses need guidance and a comprehensive support to develop new products, services and business models to address the challenges embedded in the SDGs. 

 We showcase how consultancy services can also provide SDGs leadership in different aspects of their work and in line with their policy and projects they implement.

On the link below you can download our Corporate Environmental Policy.