EDUCON  was  created  back  in  2002,  very  much  as  a  passion  project  for Information Technology and digitalization. Since then, we implement  our  objective  to  foster  a  culture  of  sustainable  ICT development in public sector institutions, and through digitalization have an impact on peoples’ lives.

Being a micro-enterprise, relying on our core team and a network of associates, we have a significant advantage in current and on-going disruption, and we  embrace it  fully,  with  a  smart  approach  to  our  projects.  

We created an agile and digitally advanced team, and we apply network architecture. We rely on the core experience of our people, ensuring well balanced international and local expertise. We are small and dynamic, and this is our core advantage. 

We bring years of experience, knowledge of the latest global development trends, significant know-how of the competitiveness of emerging economies, and an in-depth understanding of digital transformation. Experience and the right digital tools we are using, make us effective at what we do–help organisations and businesses manage their objectives and implement their projects better.

We implemented actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Republic of Turkey, Lebanon, Romania, Croatia, Jordan.

Strategic planning, facilitation, increased outreach and application of digital solutions is a crucial focus of our assignments. Methodologies for transfer of knowledge to private and public sector, support in project management, organization and facilitation of workshops, follow up actions to accelerate the feedback and implementation, is a crucial aspect of projects that we have implemented.

EDUCON’s objective is to be a global leader in supporting affordable and sustainable solutions to public challenges.  Data and information is key in making global challenges simpler and solvable. We believe that everyday life of people will be full of joy and colorful if we pay attention what data and information are telling us.

Zoran Nikolovski
CEO, Educon
February, 2002