Digital Transformation in The Public Sector

Strategic advice to public institutions in developing digital solutions for the implementation of national strategies for monitoring the performance of the systems.

Digital Design for Data Collection and Analyses

We provide professional services to help leaders transform their data in digital assets. Through digital transformation of data collection instruments and solutions, we ensure public institutions are ready for informed decisions.

Digital Marketing and Branding

Providing creative solutions for brands in the areas of website and content creation, digital and social media marketing, lead generation and branding by carfully examining an in-depth merketing strategy. 

Project management in digital transformation

Development of functional requirements of systems and design of projects for software development. Preparation of tecnical specifications for procurement of digital solutions. Specialized in EU PRAG and UN rules.

A few things we’re great at

Participatory design of digital transformation projects

All digital transformation projects that we implement are designed keeping in mind participation of key partners.

Digital Transformation in Public Sector

Strategic advice to public institutions in developing digital solution for monitoring the performance in the systems. 

Digital design for data management

Digital transformation of data collection instruments and solutions in public sector, to ensure risk assessment and informed decisions.

Project management in the public sector

We implement professional project management in ICT to ensure success in digital transformation in the public sector.

Storytelling is beautiful

We connect with people through diverse commnunication and marketing channels to understand the needs and align with objectives.

Communication Labs

Communication labs are developed to help companies find the right channels for communication and marketing.

About us

EDUCON was created back in 2002, very much as a passion project for Information Technology and digitalization. Since then, we implement our objective to foster culture of sustainable ICT development in public sector institutions, and through digitalization have an impact on peoples’ lives.

Being a micro-enterprise, relying on our core team and a network of associates, we have a significant advantage in current and on-going disruption, and we embrace it fully, with a smart approcah to our projects. 

We created an agile and digitally advanced team, and we apply network architecture. We rely on the core experience of our people, ensuring well balanced international and local expertise. EDUCON is small and dynamic, and this is our core advantage. 



Our recent projects

In Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) our lead ICT expert designed and implemented new digital solution that included on-line/Web-based nation-wide survey, covering 102 companies that employ 11,325 people, which is about 50% of the total employed population in TCI. The focus was on the development of Web-based and innovative digital solutions for monitoring, on-line and Web-based data collection.

Complementary support to the reform of the education sector: Increased matching of education offer with the labour market needs, financed by the EU, Turks and Caicos Islands, implemented by Sequa GmbH, Germany

In Bosnia and Herzegovina our activities included review of the ICT infrastructure and digital solutions for communication between network of institutions, SWOT analyses, review and design of new digital solution for the extensive network of Public Employment Services, to support the implementation of the Employment and Labour Market Strategy.

Analysis of the Needs of Labour Market Institutions, financed by the EU, Bosnia and Herzegovina, implemented by Lattanzio Advisory S.p.A., Italy

In Jordan the key activities included support to the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) in the review and development of new digital Web-based/on-line solution to support the implementation of the Social Protection Strategy (2017-2021) of the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan. The focus was on Digital Infrastructure for the development and collection of performance indicators for the social sector.

Technical Assistance to Social Protection in Jordan, financed by the EU, Jordan, project implemented by Sequa GmbH, Germany

The key activities included the development of Web-based marketing and e-commerce activities by updating websites, social media marketing development, preparing and reporting on the advertising campaigns and customers to get the most extensive reporting to support the formation of UNIX Service Srl’s customers’ network in Italy. 

Developing branding and marketing strategy for the national and international market for UNIX Service Srl, Italy

Our Team

We are all like-minded people that have not only significant experience in economies in transition but also have a genuine drive to contribute to the international development agenda and to pursue compatible goals.

Zoran Nikolovski

Zoran Nikolovski 

CEO & Senior Data Analyst and ICT Consultant

Andrijana Nikolovska

Andrijana Nikolovska

Branding and Marketing Manager

Network of associates

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  • Address: via Berlinguer 31, 10028 Trofarello, Turin, Italy