Audit, design, development and maintenance of Information Systems for the needs of public policies

The arguments that the good solutions on different challenges are best approached through functional teams are at a crossroads. The rapid introduction of new information and communication technologies, coupled with recognition of the need for reliable, high quality data have created an environment in which older notions of Information Systems are challenged.  The approach we apply is based on acceptance that learning and a dialogue is a core value of any task ahead of us, and we make knowledge sharing the core value and basic set up in the projects.

EDUCON Information Systems for better public policies and happy citizens

  • Information Systems Audit
  • Information Systems Feasibility Studies
  • Policy Support with Information Systems

Establishing good and reliable Information System that will serve the needs of public sector requires carefully planned infrastructure for collection, analysis and dissemination of data as well as trained and well prepared staff who can work with them. The first step in this is analyses and needs assessment of the existing situation, analyses of database systems; implementation of detailed data audit and statistics availability in cooperation with national institutions, development of on-line access solutions and design of web-based applications. There is a compelling need to ensure web based data entry are of high quality and Web enabled system that will allow access to Intranet.